Where Are We Going?

September 1, 2015 By: In: Future perspectives


At the moment we have a fully online and fully tested educational platform in the language of Danish. Right now we need to “translate” this platform into all the major languages of the world, but we need funding and regional contacts to make it happen. With full funding we estimate that it will take about one year to make a full platform with a full ground school and high school curriculum in a new language. When the platform is done it will be free and open for everyone to use.

Right now we are working to start our project in the MENA region, and hopefully we can have a platform with full curriculum in the Arabic language ready in 2017.

In 2016 we are looking to expand further on globally.

List of recent and planned activities:

16.09.15: Speaker at “The Digital Education Show” in Dubai

18.09.15: Winner of award “Feature of the Year” at Danish National Radio Prix

06.10.15: Speaker at “World Leadership Congress and Awards” at Taj Hotel Dubai  

06.10.15: Winner of “Outstanding Contribution to Education” award at Asian Leadership Awards in Dubai

07.10.15: Presentation at Westminster School in Dubai

16.11.15: Speaker at “Education Investment MENA” in Dubai

16.11.15: Speaker at “EdTech MENA” in Dubai

16.11.15: Speaker at “Special Educational Needs” in Dubai

08.12.15: Speaker at “World Sustainability Congress” in Mauritius

18.04.16: Speaker at “The Digital Education Show” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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