How do we do it?

September 1, 2015 By: In: How do we do it?

We use a free online educational platform with full ground school and high school curriculum in all major languages. The platform provides 10 – 20 min. recordings of the best teachers explaining different subjects to a class of students (a bit like TED talks). After each video the user can take a quiz and test their understanding of the content of the video. The online platform is very user friendly, and it’s divided into the different levels and school subjects, which makes it very easy for kids to self study.

What do we have?

A full online and fully tested educational platform with full curriculum in the Danish language ( The platform has been developed and tested through 6 years. Currently 25% of all ground school children, and 50% of high school kids in Denmark have access to the platform. In short, we have the technology – now we want to spread it globally to benefit millions if not billions of children and young adult world wide.

What do we need?

  1. Funding: To do full curriculums in new languages (this will take about 1 year pr. language)
  2. Regional collaboration partners
  3. The best regional teachers to achieve highest quality of platform content

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