What do we do?

September 1, 2015 By: In: What do we do?

The general idea behind Equal Learning is that every child in school is able to learn. Sometimes the school systems are just not fit for the different mindsets and different ways of learning.
Regular classroom teaching presents a challenge to many children and grown ups in today’s society. Great technological advancements have increased the possibilities to access qualified education and learning. However, this technology has not yet been used to its full potential.
“The best teachers are where they are less needed”, educational scientist Mr. Sugata Mitra states.
At Equal Learning we believe digitised learning offers an opportunity to bring the best teachers to those most in need of them. And we make it our goal to make it happen.

What have we done so far?

Throughout the last year Equal Learning has been running a project on the Danish public school, Lagoniskolen. In this project we had great success in educating 14 kids in 7th grade with “learning difficulties” using our methods. Not only did the children increase their skills, they also reported to be happier about going to school.  

We are currently working on spreading our concept globally, as we see a great potential for social responsibility in what we do. Even though we just started our project internationally, we are already experiencing an overwhelming interest in and support for the project. Our founder, Jim Latrache, was invited as speaker at the Digital Education Show in Dubai in September. In Dubai we also had meetings with the World Bank, and different representatives of educational ministries throughout the Middle East. In September a radio program on the story of Jim Latrache just won the prestigious award “Feature of the Year” at National Radio Prix. On October 6th Equal Learning received another award for “Outstanding Contribution to Education” at Asian Leadership Awards, which was held at the Taj Hotel in Dubai.

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